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Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer Rasta Review

Started in the vicinity of California in the United States, Santa Cruz is a well-known skateboarding brand that has over Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer Rasta Reviewforty years of experience in making some of the best skateboards and longboards that the skateboard world has seen. It is no wonder that Santa Cruz skateboards are one of the best skateboard brands around the globe today, just one glance at a Santa Cruz skateboard can make you realize its uniqueness. Santa Cruz as a skateboard brand has gained a lot of popularity for is iconic graphics and innovate designs embedded on their high-quality decks. Santa Cruz skateboards have a distinct graphic design that stays true to the original art form and is inspired by many entities especially the Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer Rasta.

Santa Cruz as a brand is quite popular, not only because of the high-quality skateboards that it makes but also because of other accessories and apparel that it has been manufacturing and selling. In addition to the best complete skateboards, Santa Cruz also sells some of the best skateboard accessories like a variety of wheels, skateboard decks, and also grip tape for the skateboards. In addition to premium quality and iconic designs for their complete skateboard range, Santa Cruz also offers some great price points for customers. Let me now draw your attention to one of the best-selling Santa Cruz skateboards around town nowadays, the Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer Rasta. As the name of the skateboard suggests, this Santa Cruz skateboard is meant to carve out turns as sharply as a shark carves its prey.

Let us now delve into the details and mechanics in this Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer review. Not only are the graphics of this skateboard inspired and based on a shark, but the shape of the deck is as well. The skateboard has a concave-shaped deck. The concave-shaped deck is made out of 7 ply and is quite durable and also ensures one of the smoothest skateboard rides ever. The concave shape of the skateboard makes it ideal not only as a best skateboard for cruising but it also quite good for pulling off some tricks and for downhill riding. This Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer is also suitable for transportation over long distances.

The high-quality road rider wheels measure 78A and give one of the smoothest skateboard rides too. What makes this skateboard good for tricks is the fact that it has sand spray grip which measures 27.7 by 8.8 inches. The trucks of the Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer are also quite high quality and are bullet B137 blue and white trucks. In addition, the sturdy and durable deck, the trucks of the skateboard are also loose enough for you to carve out all of the turns easily.

I would say that Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer Review must have given you a fair idea that it is one of the best skateboards for cruising, tricks and downhill riding and should definitely be at the top of your list.

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