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Rimable Complete 22 inch Skateboard Review

Let me tell you one thing, choosing the best skateboard is the hardest job. Do you know what makes factors to look for while choosing skateboards? Some of the skateboards are outright brilliant. And yes, today we will be doing Rimable Complete 22-inch Skateboard review which is a masterpiece by Rimable Skateboard. What makes it so brilliant, you ask?

Well, first thing is first, the Rimable skateboard is amazing because it is not only one of the best skateboards for beginners but is also perfect for cruisers and commuters. This Rimable 22 Skateboard has managed to become one of the most popular mini skateboards in the market.


Not only that, it is also an ideal skateboard for kids owing to its mini size.  So if you know any child looking to begin the skateboarding adventure, you need to get them the Rimable Complete 22 inch Skateboard. Worry not, your kid (or whoever’s kid) is going to love it because not only is it a great skateboard but looks pretty stylish and cool too.

Rimable Skateboard Review

So let us cut to the chase and get right down to some of the coolest features and specifications of the Rimable Complete 22 inch Skateboard. One of the most interesting features about this skateboard is that even though the deck is made out of plastic and is quite lightweight, it has the strength to hold up to 90 kg. So, this mini skateboard plays out very nicely for kids of all weights. The deck is 22 inches long and 6 inches in width, made with a hundred percent high-quality material.

The mini skateboard derives its fast speed and high control from the 59mm 78A polyurethane wheels and ABEC 7 rated bearings. To accentuate the smooth ride, the Rimable 22 Complete Skateboard is also equipped with 3 inch light aluminum trucks. The skateboard is also very durable since it is assembled using high-quality nuts, bolts, and screws. The smooth and flexible ride is further enhanced by the plastic deck of this Rimable skateboard. The skateboard has been fashioned in the kick tail style, which makes it excellent for cruisers and beginners to pull off tight turns, tricks, and slides.

The only issue you are likely to encounter with this skateboard is that the wheels are not very durable and it is not very suitable for riding on a stony road.

But I think all of us can see how amazing the Rimable 22 Skateboard is. The fact that it is excellent for beginners, kids and intermediates certainly makes it a winner. Up next in this Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard review, we will look at some of the pros and cons of this amazing skateboard.

 This skateboard is an amazing ride for kids and teenagers

 Light weight and sturdy deck

 ABEC 7 rated bearings

 Flexible and smooth ride

 Good skateboard for commuting and cruising

 Not suitable for a stony road

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