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White Wave Bamboo Longboard Review

There is something about the name of this longboard that reminds me of cruising on a breezy yet sunny day near awhite wave bamboo longboard review whitewashed pavement. You all might know that each longboard is special in its own way, some longboards are best for cruising, carving or pulling off some nice skateboard tricks even. The thing about this White Wave Bamboo Longboard is that it is the great longboard for cruising and some people think it is one of the best longboards for beginners as well. And it is also quite a fine longboard for carving out those turns, amazing huh? For this reason, we decided to do the White Wave Bamboo Longboard review as I definitely see it as one of the top longboards for carving. White Wave is also one of the best bamboo longboard brands in town and is your go-to longboard brand if you are looking for a cheap solution.

Before we can inspect this longboard piece by piece, let me tell you this. This bamboo longboard is a head turner! Let us find out how.


I, for one, have a thing for beautifully crafted longboards that are amazing for cruising, carving and transportation. The White Wave Bamboo Longboard measures 36 by 9 inches and is clearly, made out of high quality bamboo wood. But that is not all, the bamboo in the deck is carefully embedded with layers of Canadian maple for a smooth ride. In addition to this, the deck has durable heat transferred graphics and a clear grip tape which literally improves the grip of the longboard.


Another very strong point about the White wave bamboo longboard is the high-quality wheels which makes it one of the best longboards in town. The wheels measure 70 mm x 50 mm in diameter and durometer and are made from high rebound urethane. All of these impressive features of the wheels make them not only fast on the pavements and the roads but also very durable. Durability is definitely an important factor to play on when checking out the wheels for your longboards and skateboards. So if you are looking for a fast longboard ride then white wave bamboo longboards is the way to go.


I am also impressed by their bearings, which are Hellion 9 and come with built-in spacers. Now, would you like at that!

Bushings and Trucks

It seems to me as though everything about this longboard is pretty much perfect. The bushings and trucks of the White Wave longboards are no disappointment, trust me. The aluminum trucks are 180 mm (7 inches) which are not excellent functionally but have a matte finish that looks really sleek and gives the white wave longboard a very premium and classy feel. The bushings are also a winner; they are ultra-high rebound bushings which help in making this bamboo longboard just the perfect ride.

Final Verdict

I think our piece by piece inspection of the White Wave Bamboo Longboard review went quite well. It is surprising, there is literally no blind spot in the manufacturing of this longboard. Some riders have just found it useful to tighten up those trucks now and then. The tightening of the trucks makes the ride on this longboard smoother than it already is.

Now I know what you might be wondering, all of this in one longboard has got to be expensive? Well no, actually. The price point of the White Wave Bamboo longboard is excellent too. So, what are you waiting for? 

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