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Cal 7 Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard (22 Inch) Review

We are always on the lookout for the best skateboard brands that offer a variety of skateboards and longboards withcal-7-complete-mini-cruiser-skateboard-22-inch-plastic-in-retro-design-mint-yellow-light-pink2 the best specifications. I am glad to introduce you to one such brand, Cal 7, that is if you haven’t heard about it already. Almost all of the users of Cal 7 skateboards and longboards hail Cal 7 as one of the best longboard skateboard brands out there. Cal 7 offers some of the best mini skateboards, maple skateboards and a kicktail shaped skateboard. We just love the variety of skateboards that Cal 7 has to offer.

Cal 7 Skateboard Review

The thing about Cal 7 skateboards is that it is one of the best skateboards for beginners and for professionals, alike. Wondering how that is possible? Let me tell you. It is because it offers stability for the skateboard beginners and a flexible sliding ride for the skateboard professionals. Today, we will be discussing in detail one of my favorite mini skateboard cruisers ever, and present you the a Cal 7 Skateboard review. Interestingly enough, the retro-designed Cal 7 mini cruiser skateboard comes in a variety of colors and graphics which have really interesting names. I really got hung up on the ice cream retro design mini cruiser skateboard.



Let us start with the first thing first, the deck of the Cal 7 complete mini cruiser skateboard. The 22-inch deck of the mini cruiser skateboard is made of high-quality plastic which has a long life, so ride it all you want. The plastic deck also makes it easy to transport around in your bag or just carry it with you when you are not riding it. It is that lightweight. The deck comes in a variety of interesting and beautiful colors and graphics, so you can just take your pick. The most amazing part about their graphics is that offers something new to different age groups. Some of the popular series from the Cal 7 collection include the snack attack and color blast series. The durability of the decks of Cal skateboards is increased by the presence of 7 ply maple.



The wheels may be softer than your average skateboards and measure 59 mm, but the good part about the softer wheels is that they are easier to roll over and cross the bumps and cracks in the road. This buoyancy of the wheels makes them a good choice for beginners and professionals.



The bearings measure a 7 on the ABEC scale which is not too good but fair enough. Some riders have used red bones bearings with this mini cruiser and found the ride to be absolutely amazing.



Cal 7 as a skateboard brand is known for using high-quality trucks for premium performance in their skateboards. The Cal 7 mini cruiser skateboard features 3.125-inch aluminium alloy trucks which enhance the ride even more.


Final Verdict

If you are on the lookout for a cheap skateboard with premium parts and a cruiser skateboard, the Cal 7 mini cruiser skateboard review definitely made your choice easier. Some riders have termed it as being an excellent Penny board alternative if you are looking to save some bucks.

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