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Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard Review

Are you looking for a skateboard to help kick-start your skateboarding adventure? I think that in addition to the Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard reviewprofessionals, even the beginners desire a skateboard that gives them a dream-like ride out on the streets. But we all know that these dream rides do not come cheap. So what do we do then? Worry not, for our research has helped in discovering just the best skateboard for you guys! Presenting one of the ideal skateboards Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard which gives you the dream ride at a very reasonable price, manufactured by the famous Powell Skateboard brand.

This skateboard is a good one out there, for both skateboard beginners and intermediates. Now that we have got that figured out, let us dive into the specifications which makes this one of the best skateboards out there.


Powell Peralta Skateboard Review

The first thing that we love about the Powell Golden Dragon and quality present in all the Powell Peralta boards, isPowell Peralta Logo the fact their deck has an extra polymeric strap instead of the three straps in the original ligament. What this does, essentially, is that it holds the deck together even if there is a crack, allowing you to ride out of it. Not only does it make the deck stiffer, but it also prevents the deck from breaking into two pieces. The concavely shaped deck has a length of 31.625 inches and a width of 7.625 inches. The deck is also covered in grip tape, giving the skateboard excellent grip. More than the functionality of the deck, we also love how it has been designed. The deck has some stunning graphics which makes it aesthetically pleasing too. The Powell Golden Dragon deck is one of the best skateboards made in Asia.

The Powell Golden Dragon Flying also has same other amazing features like the hand casted polyurethane wheels that provide great roll and grip which are also high rebound. The Powell Golden makes its own trucks that measure 7.625 inches. The smooth wheels and deck slide over the road and have minimal friction.

Although the Powell Golden Flying Dragon is quite durable, it is also very light weight. The strength of the board is increased by carbon steel axles and kingpin. The easy glide and control capabilities of this skateboard not only makes it the best skateboard for beginner adults but you can also pull off some wild skateboard tricks. In order to ensure the best riding experience and superior quality, each and every piece of this complete skateboard is fact factory tested.

However, nothing can be perfect. We do have one issue with this Powell Peralta skateboard and even though some people love hard wheels, they can be a little hard to roll over pebbles and stones on the road. But all in all, I think everyone who has taken a ride on this skateboard would agree that it is one hell of a ride that you do not want to miss out on.

Best skateboard for beginner adults and intermediates

Reasonable price for the quality

High quality materials including deck

Durable and stiff

Fast ride

Good control allowing you to pull off skateboard tricks

Stable and smooth ride
Hard wheels can be difficult to roll over pebbles and stones

Make sure to get your hands on some skating protection gear to protect yourself from inevitable injuries.


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