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POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards Review

If you are one of the people who keep themselves updated with the hit skateboards in the scene nowadays, you Positiv-Complete-Skateboard-Review Amazonmust have heard about Positiv skateboards. If you haven’t, that is okay too. Let me give you guys a really quick review of the Positiv skateboards brand. As the name quite literally suggests, Positiv skateboards expose you to the Positiv and energetic side of skateboarding. The vision of this particular skateboarding company is to manufacture high-quality skateboards for all levels of skateboarders. So that basically means that Positiv has the perfect skateboard for you irrespective of whether you are a beginner skateboard or an expert level skateboarder mastering new skateboarding tricks.

POSITIV is one of the top brands of skateboards that makes the best skateboards for beginners and the best skateboards for professionals. The high-quality materials that the POSITIV skateboards are made of means that you can rely on its skateboards even if you are a beginner skateboard. What gives more credibility to the brand is the fact that it is actually headed by the eight-time world champion, Andy Macdonald. The manufacture and design of the POSITIV skateboards is taken care of by the company, Skate One which happens to have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing. I think that is enough to show you why POSITIV skateboards are gaining so much popularity. Today, I will be reviewing one of their best skateboards, POSITIV team complete skateboard. The POSITIV team complete skateboard review will show you why it’s their best product.



The first thing that will catch your eye about the deck of the Positiv team complete skateboard is its unique aesthetics. The deck has squares that are intricately arranged into crosses all over the surface of the deck. The colours of the boxes are alternated between blue and red. The POSITIV logo on top of the deck makes the board look quite sleek actually. The entire upper surface of the deck is covered in grip tape which helps in making the skateboard ride much smoother. The durability of this board stems from the fact that it uses an AirLam press that fuses several piles of wood together in order to gain a high level of durability. The deck of the Positiv skateboard is also made from maple and has a high capacity of heavyweight riders. It can carry up to 200 pounds or more. Another excellent feature of the deck is that the lower surface is covered with SST slide treatment which makes sliding much easier.

Trucks and Bearings

The POSITIV team complete skateboard features POSITIV trucks and mini logo bearing. MiniLogo Bearings are deemed to be fairly good bearings.



The wheels of the POSITIV team complete skateboards have a pretty good grip and makes the maneuverability aspect of the skateboard ride much easier. It also makes the skateboard much easier to control, hence qualifying it as one of the best skateboards for kids and beginners. Control is the main aspect while choosing your skateboard. The larger size of the wheels makes it smooth to ride on uneven surfaces too.


The Final Verdict

I hope the unique features presented in the review show you guys how the POSITIV team complete skateboard is one of the most top rated skateboards around town.

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