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Skitch 22″ Premium Mini Cruiser Skateboard Review

In the world of skateboards and longboards, penny skateboards have made a very strong impact. There is a hugeLandyachtz Dinghy 28 inches Complete Skateboard Amazon chunk of skateboarders who absolutely adore penny skateboards and rightly so. Today, I will be talking about one other famous brand of penny skateboards, Skitch skateboards. Although not too famous in the market yet, Skitch skateboards are definitely making their mark. Let me tell you a bit about the skitch story.

Skitch skateboard is one of the growing skateboard brands that manufacture premium Penny board style mini cruiser skateboards. These skateboards although mini in size, are one of the best skateboard cruisers for all types of riders. The skitch cruisers cater to the needs of youngsters, kids, adults, and even professional skateboarders. The designs and graphics of the Skitch skateboard cruisers are very unique and give you a very cool look, to be honest. Skitch skateboard cruisers believe in providing their customers with three important things while manufacturing skateboards. These three focal points for Skitch skateboards include the feel of the entire ride, the best in terms of the quality of the entire product and parts, and last but not least, the skate experience. The skate experience is enhanced by their unique graphics.

Today, I am going to be talking in detail about the different parts of the Skitch skateboard in my favorite skitch skateboard’s review, the Skitch 22 inches premium mini cruiser skateboard. Their motto is to help everyone ranging from kids to adults to experience the best in skateboarding.



The deck of the Skitch premium mini cruiser board measures 22 inches in length. It is quite the mini-cruiser, with the size of the deck making the skateboard really easy and convenient to carry around in your backpack or even if you are traveling. The deck is made from the top of the line materials and is quite sturdy. The deck does flex a bit and can support a weight of up to 210 lbs. The compact size of the deck makes the maneuverability of the skateboard much easier and the skateboard is able to carve out tight turns. You can also adjust the skateboard using the adjustment tools that come with the Skitch premium mini cruiser. It can be customized according to the needs of the customer. Skitch skateboards have some amazingly designed decks, their graphics are to die for. The softer waffle grip of the skateboard is meant to give the skateboard a unique touch and make the ride more stable.


Other Features

The Skitch premium mini cruiser board comes with skate tools, tote bag, and a skateboard bag pack. It is basically a gift set bundle which can be used for all ages. The wheels and bearings like the deck are made from high-quality materials and are shaped to give the perfect cruise ride to the user. The Skitch skateboard is meant to give twice the value at half of the price. It also comes fully assembled with other high-quality components like bushings, hardware, trucks, and accessories. The Skitch premium mini cruiser has been designed and engineered by professionals in the community so the customers have nothing to worry about!


Final Verdict

The Skitch premium mini cruiser skateboard review shows how it a much cheaper yet high quality replacement for an expensively branded penny board.

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