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Ridge Skateboards 27″ Cruiser Board Review

Whenever I have taken part in any conversation involving the best skateboards and longboards or generally Ridge Skateboards 27 Cruiser Board Reviewresearched the best skateboards and longboards, one name that almost always comes up is Ridge skateboards. And I believe that happens for a good reason too. Ridge Skateboards is a fast-growing skateboard brand in the world of skateboards and longboards and have been riding on a wave of popularity for quite some time now. The fame of Ridge skateboards can also be attributed to the fact that Ridge is the only skateboard brand that manufactures mini cruisers in Europe and does quite an awesome job at that if I might add.

Also, Ridge skateboards are now also available in the USA and are the only mini cruisers that are manufactured outside of China. Ridge focuses on the mini cruiser skateboards category which makes it quite like Penny skateboards. But there is one thing that makes Ridge skateboards much different than Penny which is the fact that the price point that it offers is much less. Now I know what you must be thinking, worry not. The price of Ridge skateboards is low but there has been no compromise on quality. Today I will be telling you in detail about one of the best skateboards that Ridge offers in this Ridge skateboard 27 inches cruiser board review. It is quite famous because of the fact that it is also one of the best skateboards for beginners.


The Ridge skateboard 27 inches cruiser has a deck that measures 27 inches in length and has a width of about 7.5 inches. This width of the Ridge skateboard is actually 1.5 inches wider than the Ridge skateboard. This is very helpful for the skateboarders in the sense that this wider deck makes the skateboard much more stable. Hence, the skateboard ride becomes more stable and you are likely to not lose your balance even when you are carving out some pretty tricky turns on the street or even in the park. The wider deck also gives it a larger turning circle which also makes it more stable. In addition to the high-quality deck and the unique design of the skateboard, there are other specifications of the Ridge skateboard 27 inches cruiser board which make it one of the best skateboards for cruising.

One of the main reasons for the success of the mini cruiser skateboards is the fact that they had pretty great wheels which made skateboard cruising feel like a breeze. For precisely these reasons, the wheels on this skateboard are the same as the ones on the original mini cruisers. The wheels together with the deck and the trucks are quite sturdy and durable They are expected to last you for long even if you come across a few bumps in your ride every now and then. The board also has great control but you might want to loosen your trucks a bit.

All in all, I hope you liked the Ridge Skateboard 27 inches Cruiser Board review and you are convinced that it is a must buy.

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