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Punisher Skateboards Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard Review

If you have ever been on the hunt for the best skateboards of the top-rated skateboard brands, you must have comePunisher-Skateboards-Cherry-Blossom Amazon across the skateboard brand, Punisher skateboards. What makes me glad the most is that in this saturated market of skateboards and longboards, brands like Punisher skateboards help us in choosing the skateboard that resonates with our particular needs. Although many people must have already come across the background of Punisher skateboards, let me provide you guys with a brief history to show how Punisher skateboards are actually one of the best skateboard brands around the globe.

Punisher skateboards have been around for quite some time now, a decade to be precise. It was set up in 2008 in Pennsylvania. What makes Punisher skateboards stand out as a brand is the fact that they have a unique vision, they want to make skateboards that feature highly artistic graphic images that identify with the rider. For this purpose, artists from all over the globe are commissioned to make the art that is featured on the Punisher skateboards.

Another feature of the Punisher skateboards that makes it stand out is the fact that it is made from the highest quality material, Canadian maple decks and heat-sealed foam pads are some of their unique specifications. They also specialize in making skateboarding helmets that conform to European standards of quality. Punisher Skateboards are also quite versatile and offer a wide range of high-quality longboards and skateboards. Today we will be talking about one of my favourite Punisher skateboards, Punisher: Cherry Blossom complete skateboard review.



The deck of the Punisher cherry blossom complete skateboard measures 31.5 inches in length and 7.75 inches in width and is made from 7-Ply Canadian Maple. The deck is styled in the shape of a double kickboard skateboard made from the highest quality material and procedure. The deck is mildly concaved which means that the Punisher Cherry Blossom skateboard is perfect to tricks, carving out those tricky turns and even riding. The mildly concave shape of the deck helps in giving the rider a high degree of control which makes the ride much smoother and stable.  The deck features an interesting blend of cherry blossom shaped graphics and colours, which gives it the Punisher cherry blossom skateboard name too, I suppose. However, don’t be fooled into thinking it is girlish, the graphics give it a very fresh touch.


Bearings and Trucks

Like all of the parts of Punisher skateboards, the bearings and trucks are also of good quality. The bearings, though are of medium quality and measure a 7 on the ABEC scale. The Punisher Cherry Blossom skateboard also features PE Riser Pads and Polyurethane Cushions with Punisher Skateboard Logo Printing. It also has heavy-duty, 5-inch alloy trucks and bases which makes the ride even more amazing!


Wheels and Grip Tape

The Punisher cherry blossom skateboard features heavy duty grip tape of on the other surface of the skateboard which makes the ride more stable and in control. The wheels are made from polyurethane and are ivory white measuring 54 by 36 mm.


Final Verdict

Punisher Skateboards are popular for a reason, I think the Punisher cherry blossom complete skateboard review shows why the riders love to ride their skateboards.

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