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Magneto Bamboo Drop Through Cruiser Longboard Review

One of the best longboards in the popular wish list nowadays, we present to you the sleek Magneto Bamboo Drop Through Cruiser Longboard review. Perhaps the thing that I love the most about it and surely the thing all of you will admire too is how you can use this longboard by the Magneto longboard brand for a variety of riding styles.bamboo drop thorugh longboard magento


Not only is it aesthetically amazing to look at, with its classic polished bamboo, but it is a dream to ride on too. One of the things that we as the longboarding community love while breezing through the streets is stability. Being shaped in a drop-through style, it has a lower center of gravity and hence, lets you ride very smoothly. The thing that we absolutely love with stability is a bamboo longboard that can carve out all those turns, no? This bamboo deck measuring 38.5 inches by 9 inches, has the perfect length to carve out all those turns. The deck is made out of good quality material.


The wheels are a bit soft but work well with the bearings of the bamboo longboard. However, you might want to loosen up the wheels a little bit depending on your riding style.


Like the rest of the materials of the board, the bearings are also of quite high quality and measure a good eleven on the ABEC ratings.


The brand makes this longboard even more amazing by putting risers together with the trucks which keep it higher off the ground. The trucks are of amazing quality and contribute to the longboard caving out the tightest turns in a way that will surprise you. However, the bushings are of medium quality and might need some maintainability. You also might want to loosen up the trucks a bit, some users have found it to be a little tight for their liking.

Final Verdict

The thing that we absolutely love about this Magneto longboard is that it can be used for a variety of riding styles but this one is absolutely the best bamboo longboard for cruising and carving out all of the tight turns. Amazingly enough, this longboard with a premium feel offers a great price point to its users too. Although it is a longboard, the size is perfect and can be easily transported here and there. Being made of high-quality materials, the longboard is strong and flexible and can easily support heavy weighing riders too. However, you might want to take it out for a test run if you are more than a bit heavy. The Magneto longboard has some shortcomings though like the wheels are a bit too soft and the bushings are of medium quality.

However, the Magneto longboard together with the high-quality drop through longboard deck, wheels, bearings, trucks, and the high risers still manages to give a dreamy and smooth longboard ride. Trust me, when I tell you that you have got to try this one out.

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