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MAGIC UNION 41 Inch Maple Drop-Down Longboard Complete Skateboard Review

I think we all are at one point or the other, on the hunt for the best skateboard for beginners or the cheapest MAGIC UNION 41 Inch Maple Drop-Down Longboard Complete Skateboard Reviewskateboards longboards that do not compromise on quality and do not make you compromise your savings either. For exactly these reasons, we present to you the Magic Union skateboards. The Magic Union skateboards also give us an important buying lesson, sometimes the small guys on the blocks make the best quality stuff.

Although a brilliantly made skateboard, the Magic Union skateboard brand is not known for high-end skateboards and are not designed for professional skateboarders. In fact, the Magic Union skateboards are the best longboards for beginners and extremely budget-friendly. For a Magic Union skateboard review, I have picked out their Magic Union 41 inch drop down longboard. In my Magic Union 41 inch longboard review, we will go piece by piece which will help you in determining if it is the right longboard for you.


The deck of the Magic Union longboard is of superior quality and is constructed using high-quality materials which is 9 Ply super flex maple and the deck measures 41 inches. These materials make the deck quite sturdy and yet quite flexible. The longboard also has a very sleek look which makes it aesthetically pleasing to look at too. The sturdy and flexible ride of this longboard is enhanced by the improved grip. The improved grip of the Magic Union 41 inch drop down longboard arises from the fact that it is fully covered in high-quality grip tape. The deck is also shaped in a drop-down manner which gives it a lower center of gravity and hence, makes the ride quite stable. It also has a wide turning radius and hence, both of these features make this Magic Union longboard perfect for all age groups of skateboard riding enthusiasts. The heat transfer patterns and the variety of graphics of this longboard also make it a suitable choice. There are 5 other patterns available.

Wheels and Bearings

The Magic Union longboard comes with high quality, polyurethane wheels that measure 70 mm. Although the high-speed chrome steel bearings measure an 11 on the ABEC scale, some riders have reported having had issues and said that they do not work well with the wheels. So you might want to replace the bearings for a perfect ride.

Other Features

The Magic Union 41 inch drop down longboard has some other interesting specifications which make it an excellent ride. The longboard features a polyurethane shock absorb ring that makes your skateboard ride much more comfortable by providing cushioning. This feature works really well with the high-quality deck, wheels and bearings to give you the perfect ride.

Final Verdict

Apart from the bearings, I think 100% of the users of the Magic Union 41 inch drop down longboard will agree that this longboard is a dream. Not only budget-friendly and high quality, but the drop-down shape of the longboard makes it one of the best longboards for downhill, speeding, and freestyle riding. All of the features mentioned in the Magic Union 41 inch longboard review show why you must get your Magic Union skateboard now!

Make sure to get your hands on some skateboard protective gear to protect yourself from inevitable injuries.

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