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High Bounce Complete 22″ Skateboard Review

You know the name of brands for products says a lot about their product offering and brand image sometimes. High Bounce Complete 22″ Skateboard AmazonToday, I am going to review a skateboard brand that will have you all bouncing off your seats. Yepp, it is High Bounce. While their bouncy name and product line, might fool you into thinking that they are an exclusive kid brand, they are not. High Bounce is a store known for manufacturing some of the best toys, games, and sports equipment. Their target market covers pretty much everyone from the bouncy babies, kids, youth to the adults who are waiting for a little colour in their lives. Whenever you are going for a brand, it is very important to just dig deep into the vision of the brand. One thorough look at their vision can help you determine if it is a legit, unique brand, or just another rip-off. Don’t worry, you don’t need to look anywhere else, I have got the vision of High Bounce right here for you:

Right from the moment we founded High Bounce Sports, our vision was to help the sport and game lovers bring out their best by making first-rate games and sports equipment products available for them at affordable prices.”

High Bounce has a product portfolio made up of skateboards, scooters, pogo sticks and other accessories. Offering very unique skateboards full of vibrant colours and patterns, High Bounce also some of the very best light up skateboards. Now that we fully know and understand High Bounce, let us talk about one of their best skateboards, the High Bounce Complete 22 inch skateboard. The High Bounce complete 22-inch skateboard review will show you why people think the High Bounce skateboards are just as good as penny skateboards without the expensive price tag. It is one of the best skateboards around town, let us see why.



Easy to use and lightweight to carry around is certainly a factor when choosing the right skateboard for yourself. The deck of the High Bounce skateboard has a 22 inches long deck which is made of plastic and quite easy to carry around. This plastic cruiser has a deck that is not only lightweight but also quite durable and flexible. The plastic deck can support up to 85 kg of weight and cruises like a dream. The width of the deck and the cruiser is 6 inches and the height above ground is 4 inches. Portable, easy to ride and one of the best cruisers.


Wheels and bearings

The wheels of the High Bounce 22 inch skateboard cruiser are also of quite high quality and give a very smooth cruising ride. They are made out of the classic polyurethane and are super smooth. The bearings although not really high on the ABEC scale have been proved to be of high quality while riding. The bearings measure a 7 on the ABEC scale.


Other Features

The High Bounce 22 inch skateboard cruiser also comes with high-quality aluminium axles.

Final Verdict

Looking for the best skateboard for cruising? Looking for the best penny skateboard substitute? Looking for one of the top but cheapest skateboards?  The High Bounce 22 inch skateboard is the answer and the High Bounce 22 inch skateboard review can show you how.

Make sure to get your hands on some skateboard safety gear to protect yourself from inevitable injuries.

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