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The 10 Best Skateboard Protective Gear For Maximum Protection

September 14th, 2023

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Skateboarding is an electrifying sport that requires skill, style, and an unwavering thirst for pushing the limit. While the thrill of riding is undeniable, the potential risks can not be ignored.

It is essential to invest in top-quality protective gear for maximum protection! Equipping yourself with the right protective gear is not just a choice but a matter of urgency – a vital step to safeguard your skateboarding adventures.

Whether you are a beginner still learning or a professional daredevil, this list will take care of all your safety needs. Sit back, as we proudly present the undisputed top 10 best skateboard protective gear that will keep you safe, confident, and ready to conquer any challenge.

The 10 Best Skateboard Protective Gear for 2023

Although it may seem like a lot to wear protective gear every time you go out skating, having quality safety equipment can help prevent any potential injuries that may occur while skating. Wearing the right protective gear helps ensure that you remain safe during your trick-filled skateboarding sessions.

So without further ado, here are the top ten picks. Remember; better safe than sorry. 

top 1

JBM 3-in-1 Protective Gear Set


top 2

Outdoor Master Skateboarding Helmet


top 3

CRZKO Protective Gear 

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    The 10 Best Skateboard Protective Gear for 2023

    1. JBM 3-in-1 Protective Gear Set

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    When it comes to skateboard safety gear, nothing beats the JBM 3-in-1 Protective Gear Set. The gear set includes wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads to offer adequate protection against any injuries.

    The adjustable straps and padding provide extra comfort and protection from minor injuries. With its durable construction, JBM delivers the ultimate protection while ensuring a snug fit.

    Trust me, this gear set is a total game-changer and an absolute, must-have for all skateboarders. I vividly remember a time, when I attempted the 360 flip. Let’s just say, I was happy that I had the JBM gear with me.

    Materials Used In the Product:

    • The outer shell of the helmet and the pads are made of ABS plastic, a superb material for impact resistance. It can handle serious knocks and bumps, providing a sturdy shield to protect you.
    •  The helmet and pads are lined with cushiony foam. The foam is of EPS standard, designed to absorb and distribute the force of impacts.
    • The straps and fasteners are made of nylon and polyester. The straps and fasteners are not only strong but also adjustable, so you can find that sweet spot of confidence and comfort.



    With unparalleled protection, cleanliness, and comfort combined, we stand behind this product for as long as it’s available. It’s an absolute must-have and gives users the confidence they need to take on high-impact sports.’

    2. Outdoor Master Skateboarding Helmet

    Protecting my head has always been a priority for me, and the Outdoor Master Skateboarding Helmet has been my trusted companion in many skateboarding sessions.

    With its reinforced ABS shell, the helmet is perfect for those looking for reliable protection. The adjustable straps and EPS foam liner on this helmet fortify your head like a fortress.

    The Outdoor Master Skateboarding Helmet provides an impact-resistant experience. Best in the business for protective helmets. Believe me when I say, this helmet has proven its worth in the most critical of moments.

    Materials Used In The Product: 

    • Crafted using a combination of top-quality materials, the outer shell of the helmet is made with premium-grade ABS plastic. The ABS material is renowned for its durability and ability to withstand high-impact forces.

    • The EPS foam on the inside is specifically designed to absorb and distribute energy from impacts, effectively reducing the risk of head injuries.

    •  The helmet is equipped with multiple air vents strategically placed to facilitate maximum airflow. This thoughtful design keeps your head cool even on long summer rides.



    We firmly endorse this product for its unmatched level of protection, hygiene, and comfort. It is an essential item that instills users with the confidence necessary to excel in high-impact sports.


    3. CRZKO Protective Gear 

    I can not count the times when someone has interrupted my skateboarding session to tell me how cool my gear looks. Now this is an interruption that I do not mind. The CRZKO Protective gear proves that you can have style and substance without compromising safety.

    This gear is perfect for people looking for a comfortable experience. With its soft EVA padding and breathable texture, the CRZKO Protective Gear will ensure maximum comfort. The set contains elbow pads and wrist guards.

    The velcro enclosures and adjustable straps further add to its desirability. This gear will help you stand out from the crowd while knowing you are shielded by the best in the business.

    Materials Used In The Product: 

    •  The outer shell of the helmet is made of ultra-tough ABS plastic.
    • The CRZKO uses a high-density EVA foam with its inner linings, unlike others who have used the EVS foam. The EVA foam is not only soft but acts as a shock absorber.
    • Lastly, the most important part of this gear set is the stitching. The stitching is done using heavy-duty threads that can reinforce the gear as you shred in skateboarding adventures, session after session.



    4. Gonex Skateboard Elbow and Knee Pads

    As I get older, maintaining the health of my joints is critical for my skateboarding journey. The Gonex Skateboard Elbow and Knee Pads allow me to do exactly that. If you are looking for a gear set that does exactly that, look no further!

    Made with high-density Oxford cloth, these skateboard pads will protect your elbow joints as well as your precious knees. The Gonex Skateboard pads have been instrumental in keeping my elbows and knees protected during numerous falls and spills.

    The adjustable twill elastic straps and breathable fabric provide a custom fit. The high-density foam padding provides extra cushioning, absorbing impact and reducing the risk of common injuries.

    Materials Used In The Gear Set:

    • The outer shell of the Gonex gear set consists of abrasion-resistant fabric. It is like having a shield of armor for your head and knees.
    • The inside is lined with EVA foam which is excellent for shock absorption. The straps are made from nylon and polyester which allows them to be adjusted as per the rider to ensure a safer and snug fit.
    • Lastly, they have taken time to reinforce the stitching in all the right places, using high-quality threads that can handle the gnarliest of skateboarding sessions.

    If you are looking for a stylish fit that will ensure safety, we recommend the CRZKO Gear Set as the ideal choice. 



    5. JBM Adult Protective Gear

    I never would have been able to skate as fearlessly as Tony Hawk, had it not been for the JBM Adult Protective Gear. this gear has allowed me to push my boundaries and unleash my fighting spirit.

    With its rugged construction and ergonomic design, this gear set is tailor-made for the most demanding skaters. The polyester sleeves offer maximum moisture absorption without having to take a break.

    Materials Used In The Construction:

    • The outer ABS plastic shell is reinforced with a blend of fibers which adds an extra layer of toughness.
    • They have revolutionalized the foam inside the gear. Instead of using standard foam, they’ve incorporated a proprietary blend of materials. This unique foam molds to the contours of your body to ensure a snug fit.
    • The straps are made of special hybrid fabric, combining the durability of nylon with the flexibility of elastane.
    • The stitching is done using a high-tensile thread that ensures every seam is built to last.



    6. PHZ Protection Gear Set


    The PHZ Protection gear set has one of the best skateboard elbow pads. Adjustable straps make this a custom fit that you need! The wrist pads provide extra protection and the breathable fabric makes this a pleasant experience.

    The classic design adds to the aesthetic of this gear set. The design, however, does not limit optimal protection. Furthermore, they are available in a range of sizes and stylish designs.

    With its robust hard shells and flexible movement, I feel invincible as I tackle challenging ramps and perform daring tricks. The PHZ gear allows you to embrace the daring part of the skateboard riding experience while providing solid protection.

    Materials Used In The Construction:

    • The PHZ gear set promises you flexibility and movement, but with that comes the compromise on build quality.
    • The outer shells of the pads and helmet only use ABS plastic, unlike many competitors.
    • Inside, the gear is lined with EVA foam but lacks a proper ventilation system. Wearing the gear set can get very difficult, especially in the summer.
    • The straps are adjustable which adds to the comfort, but are only constructed of Nylon. This allows greater movement and flexibility but compromises safety.



    7. Besmall Skate Protection Pads Set

    Providing the perfect balance between agility and safety, the Besmall Skate Protection Pads Set provides a complete set of protective gear. It is built to last and look after consumers’ safety.

    They come in handy when visiting a skate park with tight ramps and intricate obstacles. Believe me, I know! I was able to navigate through the park’s challenging features with ease knowing I had heavyweight protection of Besmall gear with me.

    The lightweight design allows you the freedom to move while the skateboard helmet of the set comes with an ABS outer shell.

    Materials used in the Construction:

    • The outer shell of the gear set is made of high-density polyethylene, which creates a shell that is not only durable but also lightweight, providing you with optimal protection without weighing you down.
    • An especially engineered foam (they have kept the materials for this a secret) allows you to experience a level of comfort that is out of this world.
    • The straps are made of a blend of high-strength fibers interwoven with a touch of elasticity, helping you skate with confidence.



    8. Spofine Protective Gear Set

    I understand that skating sessions can be intense, you require something that won’t bog you down. You need something breathable. The Spofine Protective Gear Set will do exactly that for you!

    The breathable material and moisture-wicking properties will keep you cool and comfortable, allowing you to skate for hours without feeling weighed down by excessive sweat.

    This set provides all-around protection. The helmet is shock resistant while the elbow and knee pads as well as wrist guards are all made of durable materials which guarantee your safety.

    Materials Used In the Construction:

    • The outer shell is constructed from a high-quality, impact-resistant material called TPU. It is known for its exceptional durability and resistance to abrasion, making it the ideal choice for skateboarding protection.
    • The inside is lined with EVA foam as well as memory foam which molds to your body, ensuring a snug fit. The gear undergoes rigorous testing and meticulous quality control that ensures every component meets the highest standard.



    9. Triple Eight Saver Series

    Your best bet in case of a bad landing is the Triple Eight Saver Series. As an avid downhill rider, I have experienced the heart-pounding moments when speed and precision are paramount. The Triple Eight Saver series has helped me through these moments many times.

    The wrist pads are equipped with ABS splints providing rigid support that snugs on easily. The pads absorb the force efficiently. The gear set helps maintain control and navigate obstacles easily while reducing the chances of injury.

    Materials Used In The Construction:

    • The outer shell is crafted from a remarkable material known as DuraCap. The outer shell is not only impact-resistant but lightweight as well.
    • Underneath the shell, a revolutionary EVA-Lution foam lines the inside. The unique cellular structure of the foam ensures that it keeps its shape and provides reliable protection, even after repeated use.
    • The innovative Butterfly Closure System allows for easy adjustment and a customized fit. The stitching is reinforced through double stitching in critical areas to ensure long-lasting durability.



    10. BOSONER Protective Gear Set

    The perfect gear set for kids, the BOSONER Protective Gear Set is made for little daredevils. Getting hurt can dampen a child’s confidence but not with the BOSONER gear set on hand.

    The BOSONER Gear Set has consistently provided unyielding safety for riders of all ages and skill levels. Its impact-resistant plastic shells and snug velcro straps provide a versatile option with an unbeatable combination of protection and safety.

    Do not compromise on safety – choose BOSONER and let your worries melt away as you push your skateboard to the extremes.

    Materials Used In The Product:

    • ABS outer shell used in the helmet. 
    • EVS Foam lining.
    • Velcro Straps.




    In conclusion, investing in top-quality skateboard protective gear is a must for anyone who wants to stay safe while enjoying this exciting sport. With the right gear, you can prevent serious injuries and bumps and bruises that could otherwise put a damper on your fun.

    The ten products listed above are among the best on the market, offering maximum protection and durability without sacrificing comfort or style. By taking the time to choose the right gear for your needs, you can hit the skate park or the streets with confidence, knowing that you’re well protected against any spills or accidents that may come your way.

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