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The 8 Safest and Best Helmets For Electric Skateboards

August 15th, 2023

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When it comes to electric skateboarding, there is no compromise on safety! As an avid rider myself, I know the importance of having the right protective gear with you, and nothing is more essential than a reliable helmet.

In this guide, I will share my opinion about the 8 best electric skateboard helmets that I believe are the safest as well as the most comfortable. So gear up (and helmet up!) and explore the features that make these helmets stand out from the rest!

Why wear a helmet while electric skateboarding?

Now I have heard my fair share of this question. Couple this with “but, I feel like a dork” and you will get where I am. Now, I understand your concern but wearing a helmet while electric skateboarding is essential to your safety.

It protects your head from serious injuries in case of falls or collisions, reduces the risk of legal consequences, and sets a positive example for others. A helmet lets you ride with peace of mind while letting you push the boundaries with extreme.

Furthermore, within the e-boarding community, it is perfectly common to wear a helmet while riding. Anyone without a helmet is looked down upon! So do not hesitate to wear a helmet – it is a smart choice that safeguards your head and allows you to ride responsibly.

Now that we have this out of the way, let us look at the best helmets for electric skateboards that will ensure a long and healthy career in the e-boarding world.

Safety Standards and What They Mean:

In this blog post, you will come across a couple of safety certifications that you might not understand. I will explain these safety certifications right now so you better understand them when they come up below.


The safety standard of “The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission” for Bicycle Helmets.

2. CE 1078

Safety Standard of “European Standard” for pedal cyclists and users of skateboards and roller skates

3. ASTM F1952

Safety Standard for Downhill Mountain Bicycle Helmets.

4. ASTM F1492

Standard Specification for Helmets used for Bicycling, Skateboarding, and Trick Roller Skating.

5. EN 1078

The European Safety Standard for Helmets for Pedal Cyclists, Skateboarders, and Roller Skaters

What certification should your helmet have?

This is a good question. The answer to this question primarily depends on your needs while skateboarding. However, all helmets you get should at least have the weakest certification of safety.

For skateboarding helmets, this is the ASTM F1952 Safety Standard for Downhill Mountain Bicycles. Any helmet you buy should have this certification minimum. It is always better to have additional safety certifications.

The 8 best helmet options for electric skateboards

These are the best helmet option available on the market right now!


top 1

TSG Pass


top 2

Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet


top 3

Predator DH-X-6

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    Top 10 Skateboard Helmet Reviews

    1. TSG Pass


    The TSG Pass deserves the top position when it comes to maximum safety. With its full-face helmet design and impeccable construction, the TSG Pass provides maximum impact protection.

    The advanced construction includes a fiberglass-reinforced plastic shell, providing exceptional durability and impact resistance. The EPS foam liner absorbs and disperses energy on impact, reducing the risk of head injuries.

    Designed for downhill skateboarding, the helmet comes with a wide viewing angle that does not hamper your peripheral vision, ensuring maximum safety. The cheek pads are adjustable to custom-fit different head circumferences.

    The TGS Pass also features an integrated ventilation system that keeps your head cool and comfortable during intense electric skateboarding sessions. Furthermore, it is certified by the International Downhill Federation as the best longboard downhill helmet.

    The aerodynamic shape of the helmet not only enhances performance but also reduces wind resistance, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the ride. Trust me, the TSG Pass is a game-changer in the world of electric skateboarding.

    Key Highlights:

    • The aerodynamic design slashes through air, reducing drag and giving you an unrivaled sense of speed.
    • Furthermore, it boasts a ventilation system that is strategically placed to keep the air flowing, ensuring you stay fresh and focused during those intense riding sessions.
    • Made with high-quality fiberglass, it is tough as nails yet lightweight.
    • The panoramic anti-fog visor is an absolute game changer. It gives you a wide, crystal-clear view of the road ahead, no matter the weather conditions.
    • The double D Ring Closure system ensures a secure fit that won’t let you down. Plus, the interior padding is removable and washable, because let us face it, we all work a sweat out there.

    2. Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet

    The triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet seamlessly combines comfort and safety to enhance your electric skateboarding experience. Made with a hand-laid fiberglass shell (ABS Plastic), the helmet offers maximum impact protection.

    The full-face helmet construction protects your whole face. This downhill electric bike helmet has two tough safety standard certifications including the U.S. CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). Guaranteed head protection!

    With an EPS foam liner, the helmet provides maximum safety while ensuring a comfortable fit. The helmet’s moisture-wicking fabric lining keeps sweat away to ensure you can ride long and intense sessions.

    The adjustable straps and visor on the Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet ensure that you can adapt to varying lighting while the aerodynamic design makes sure to limit wind resistance.

    Added pads provide an extra layer of protection. This downhill helmet is the perfect choice for those looking for reliable protection without having to compromise on comfort. So, if you are looking for a U.S. CPSC-certified helmet that does not compromise on comfort, this is the one for you!

    Key Highlights:

    • Constructed with a high-quality fiberglass shell that provides excellent impact resistance while keeping the weight to a minimum.
    • The visor provides optimal visibility, shielding your eyes from debris while maintaining a clear view of the course ahead.
    • The sleek and aerodynamic design slashes through wind, minimizing drag and maximizing your velocity.
    • Featuring a state-of-the-art ventilation system that keeps the air flowing, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable during the most intense downhill rides.
    • Lastly, this helmet is a head-turner! Combining sleek design with an aggressive modern aesthetic, this helmet is a statement piece.

    You are sure to stand out at the skate park with the Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet.

    3. Predator DH-X-6

    Meeting the U.S. CPSC standards, the Predator DH-X-6 is the pinnacle of perfection and performance. Designed with a full carbon shell the helmet also meets the CE1878 certification.

    The multi-density EPS foam liner ensures maximum shock absorption, reducing the risk of head injuries. An adjustable visor provides additional safety against sun glare and debris.

    The D Ring chin strap ensures that it is a One Size Fits All helmet that maintains a snug fit as you skateboard. With the Predator DH-X-6, you can ride with confidence, knowing you have top-notch protection in any challenging terrain.

    With well-placed air vents and a large front ventilation hole, the helmet keeps you cool and focused during high-speed descents. The ventilation system also acts as an anti-fog mechanism.

    CPSC-certified as well as CE 1878-certified, the helmet is one of the best out there that sets the safety standard in the industry. With starting prices as low as 300 dollars, this is one of the cheap helmets on this list!

    Key Highlights:

    • Incorporated with advanced design elements to minimize air resistance and maximize speed, its sleek contours and optimized shape give you a competitive edge during high-speed descents.
    • Constructed with a carbon fiber shell which is renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, the Predator DH-X-6 ensures impact protection without adding unnecessary bulk.
    • The adjustable retention system allows you to customize the helmet’s fit to your unique head shape. With a helmet that feels like an extension of yourself, you can focus solely on the thrill of the ride.


    4. Bell Sanction

    If you are looking for a cheap helmet that won’t cost you a leg, the Bell Sanction is for you. You would not find a cheaper helmet that is more reliable than this. Priced at only 100 dollars, this full-face helmet is the perfect choice for longboarding.

    It is a durable ABS plastic hard shell with robust impact protection, while the EPS foam liner provides effective energy management. Furthermore, made from lightweight components, this helmet will not bog you down.

    Despite its affordability, the Bell Section does not compromise on safety or comfort. The bell Sanction is CPSC Bicycle certified as well as CE EN 1078 certification.

    The helmet’s fit system and adjustable straps ensure a secure and personalized fit for riders of all head sizes. Made especially for juniors, this helmet has fifteen active vent holes to keep you cooled during your skating sessions.

    This helmet is a testament to Bell’s commitment to providing reliable and affordable protection for electric skateboarders. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, the Bell Sanction’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and safe ride.

    Key Highlights:

    • The helmets’ MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) integration takes safety to the next level. It helps reduce rotational forces during impacts to safeguard your head from potential injuries.
    • The Bell Sanction is equipped with an integrated camera mount, enabling you to capture and relive your adrenaline-pumping adventures.
    • Its compatibility with Bluetooth audio system allows you to stay connected while on the go, and enjoy your favorite tunes while compromising on safety.
    • The helmet’s matte finish not only adds a touch of sophistication but also offers resistance against scratches and wear, ensuring its longevity. The sleek design features a variety of color options that suit every individual style.

    5. Bell Super 3R

    With a unique half-lid and full-face design, the Bell Super 3R comes with a removable chin bar. This is the perfect choice for those looking to have a comfortable long ride while having added protection during difficult terrain.

    With a Google Guide adjustable visor, the Bell Super 3R is an excellent choice for those looking to capture their shredding sessions. The integrated breakaway camera mount is perfect to stick on your GoPro.

    However, it is imperative to mention that the Bell Super 3R, although made from durable materials which provide adequate protection, does not have top safety certifications like the CPSC.

    The Bell Super 3R makes up for this witty breakaway safety feature to shield you from impacts. The helmet has an EPS foam liner with multiple densities that offer optimal protection.

    The Bell Super 3R makes it easier to stay safe without compromising on your budget. Equipped with MIPS technology, the Bell Super 3R skateboard helmet is a good bet for your safety.

    Key Highlights:

    • The Super 3R is built with a super light but incredibly tough polycarbonate shell. The Polly modular design lets you switch between a half-shell and full-face setup with ease. This allows you to adapt to any terrain thrown your way.
    • Featuring the MIPS technology helps reduce rotational forces in case of a crash. Plus, the removable chin bar is a lifesaver when you need that extra face shield for those gnarly downhill descents.
    • Furthermore, the Super 3R comes with the Overnow ventilation system which allows you to keep cool and comfortable.
    • The adjustable visor and integrated Google guide are a dream come true. Protect your eyes from the sun, and easily slip on your goggles for a seamless ride.

    6. Giro Switchable MIPS

    The Giro Switchable MIPS comes with a removable chin bar. Boasting the CPSC Bicycle, CE EN 1078, and the ASTM 19252-DH certifications is one of the safest helmets in the world.

    The Giro Switchable MIPS does not have active vents as it prioritizes safety over comfort. With no ventilation holes, this helmet might not be for you if you are looking for something to wear during intense skateboarding sessions.

    The heavy weight of the helmet is descriptive of the GIro Switchable MIPS helmet. This is evident with the ATSM Downhill certification for the MIPS helmet.

    The MIPS system on the helmet reduces rotational forces during angle impacts on the head. Designed by scientists and surgeons, the MIPS system is the new revolutionary product in the skateboarding world.

    You might want to have the Giro Switchable MIPS helmet on you the next time you visit the skate park. Stand out from the crowd with your Giro Switchable MIPS helmet.

    Key Highlights:

    • The greatest asset of the Giro Helmet is its switchability. Need that extra rotational protection on rough terrain? Flip the switch and let MIPS do its job. But hey, when you are cruising on those leisurely rides or commuting to work, you have the freedom to switch to non-MIPS mode.
    • The wind tunnel ventilation system keeps your head cool and calm during intense shredding sessions.
    • The Roc Loc fit system provides a secure and customizable fit that feels like it was made just for you.
    • The integrated eyewear dock ensures your shades and goggles are within reach, adding that extra touch of convenience.

    So, why settle for a run-of-the-mill helmet? When you can have the Giro Switchable Helmet instead.

    7. Triple 8 Dual Certified

    Meeting both skateboarding and bicycle safety standards, the sleek designed Triple 8 complies with U.S. CPSC safety standards as well as ASTM F1492-08 safety standards, ensuring versatility and all-around protection.

    The ABS hard shell and EPS foam liner guarantee uncompromising safety, while the moisture-wicking Sweatsaver line keeps you comfortable in any riding condition.

    The Triple 8 is also equipped with patented MIPS technology to reduce rotational forces on angled impacts. This makes it one of the safest options when looking for a helmet.

    The Triple 8 is available in multiple colors and designs to better suit each rider’s personality and needs. You will truly stand out at the skate park with your Triple 8 helmet.

    With its classic design with the highest safety certifications in both the skateboard and bicycling world, this helmet is an ideal choice for riders seeking reliability and peace of mind while you push the boundaries of what’s possible.

    Key Highlights:

    • The helmet famous for its two certifications complies with the CPSC and ATSM safety standards. It is like having a personal bodyguard for your head.
    • Safety, however, does not mean sacrificing comfort. With its adjustable chin strap and 360-degree padding. It molds to your head, giving you a snug and secure fit that you won’t have to constantly readjust.
    • Manufactured with a range of eye-catching colors and patterns that let you show your unique personality, the Dual Certified Helmet is the real deal.

    So strap on the Triple 8 Dual Certification Helmet and let your adventures begin. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


    8. S1 Lifer

    Best for outdoor activities, the last option on our list, the S1 Lifer offers unparalleled safety without sacrificing style. This is evident with the CPSC as well as ASTM certifications that the S1 Lifer enjoys.

    A specifically formulated EPS Fusion Foam, the S1 Lifer is five times more protective than other helmets on the market. The different sizes available guarantee you a snug fit that ensures your safety.

    Available in a wide range of colors and finishes, this helmet allows riders to express their individuality while ensuring top-notch safety. Whether you prefer vibrant hues or sleek finishes, the S1 Lifer has a design to match your unique style.

    The helmet’s ventilation system ensures proper airflow, preventing overheating and keeping you cool and focused on the road. The S1 Lifer helmet isn’t just the best electric skateboard accessory; it’s a vital piece of equipment that prioritizes your safety on electric skateboards.

    Furthermore, it is proven to be one of the safest helmets in the skateboarding world with many riders swearing by it (me included!).

    Key Highlights:

    • Crafted with a unique blend of high-density EPS foam and formulated plastic, ensuring unparalleled impact resistance and durability. It exceeds safety standards, providing superior protection for your precious head.
    • The first helmet to incorporate a proprietary Fusion Foam which combines EPS and EVA foam for unmatched energy distribution during impacts. This means it absorbs and disperses the force, reducing the risk of any major injuries.
    • With a wide array of vibrant colors and finishes to choose from, you can rock your unique personality while turning heads at the skatepark or roller derby rink. Make a statement without compromising on style!


    Full-face or half-shell helmets?

    The main difference between both helmets is the level of protection they provide. The full-face helmets provide additional protection of the jaw area that egg-shaped helmets do not.

    Which helmet would be best for you is dependent on your requirements. If you are going to be riding on high speeds, difficult terrain, or unsmooth surfaces then the full-face helmet is for you.

    Else, if you are planning to ride at low speeds like commuting to work, and do not want to harbor much attention to yourself then the half-face helmet might be the best option for you.

    What Size Helmet Should I get?

    The best way to know what helmet size would suit you is to try them on and look for the one that feels snug on as well as comfortable. There is no proper guide on how to select your helmets, but many shops and brands have made standardized head circumference sizes that you can consult.

    A helmet should sit horizontally on your head. So, try them on and look for the one that feels right for you!

    What Type of Helmets Should I Not Get?

    Full motorcycle helmets need to be avoided at all costs. These helmets weigh more than usual and can cause balance problems while riding. Furthermore, full motorcycle helmets hamper peripheral vision which can be dangerous when riding at high speeds. You need to have the ability to turn your head quickly which is not possible with these bulky helmets. Lastly, a helmet with a poor ventilation system is something you might want to avoid especially in the summer months. It gets really difficult to navigate with sweat dripping down you. Plus, you would have to stop your intense session to catch your breath if you do not have a good ventilation system supporting you.

    How Do I Properly Care For My Helmet?

    To properly care for your helmet, store your helmet in dry and cool spaces when not in use. Inspect your helmet for signs of wear and tear after a riding session. Do not forget to clean your helmet after a riding session with warm water and soap. Replace your helmet if you see any signs of damage. Lastly, do not customize your helmet if it’s not allowed by the company (do not paint it) as it can damage the materials and affects its ability to protect you.

    Where Can I Get These Helmets From?

    You can get most of these helmets from any local skate shop near you. Almost all of the brands on this list are available country wide. International consumers might want to check out other online stores.

    You can also get these helmets on Amazon. Make sure that you order the right brand name and model as multiple copies of the helmets are available there. You can check the helmet to see if it is okay once you receive it.

    Do I Need To Wear A Helmet On An Electric Skateboard?

    The short answer is yes! You should always wear a helmet when riding on an electric skateboard. Most electric skateboards – even budget ones – allow you to ride at maximum speeds reaching more than 20 miles per hour. At these speeds, any falls or accidents can cause serious injuries. You must wear a helmet when on an electric skateboard to avoid any injuries you might incur otherwise. It is better to be safe than sorry!

    How Long Should I Use My Helmet?

    While most helmets can last what seems a lifetime, you must replace your helmet every five years if in constant use. Furthermore, as you grow – especially for children – it is important that you get new helmets that will fit your size. Replace your helmet if it does not sit snuggly.

    How Does a Skateboard Helmet Work?

    A skateboard helmet works by cushioning the blow you receive in case of an accident. The hard outer shell protects your head from getting injured while the inside-lined foam redistributes the energy accumulated from the crash to lessen the impact of the blow.

    Different helmets have different safety features like the MIPS system which interacts with the helmet design to protect you from injuries in case of a crash.

    What Does The Law Require?

    In the United States, almost all skateparks require you to wear a helmet to enter by law. In California, however, you are only required to wear a helmet if you are 18 years of age or below on any street or public place. No other state has a similar law that exempts you from having to wear a protective helmet.

    Not abiding by the law can result in fines of up to 250 dollars. Skaters can also be written up for other offenses such as skating without insurance or skateboarding on the sidewalk. Your best bet is to wear a helmet at all times you are out skating!

    Which Colour Helmet Should I Get?

    This is totally up to you! While white-colored helmets are considered the be the safest as they reflect the most light in comparison to darker or black-colored helmets. This is ideal for night-time rides.

    Reflective colors like orange, yellow, and green are also considered to be safer because of this reason. The style and design of the helmet is a statement piece that reflects your personality to other skateboard riders, so choose the color that feels the most like you and ride on!


    Investing in the right helmet is paramount for your safety to ensure a long and healthy skateboarding career. The helmets mentioned in this guide offer advanced safety features, superior construction materials, and personalized comfort.

    Remember, helmets are not just accessories; they are your first line of defense on the road. The helmets are part of safety gear that can save your life in case of an accident. Choose the one that fits your style, suits your needs, and provides the highest safety.

    So, prioritize safety, unleash the power, and ride with confidence knowing you have the best protection for your electric skateboarding adventures.

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