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Boosted Dual+ 2nd Generation Electric Skateboard

Top 6 Best Electric Skateboards 2023 – Best Cheap Electric Skateboards

Tired of riding the old way? Want to know what all the buzz is about the new technology? *drumroll* We present a detailed list of the best electric skateboards 2020 that money can buy today!

One thing is for sure guys, electric skateboarders are way cooler and probably the best personal transportation devices out there! They are the answer to all your commuting problems; over large and small distances and let’s face it … are pretty cheap as compared to all the cars out there. In a nutshell, electric skateboards reflect sleek style, offer a thrilling experience and a fast ride.

Days of research, reviews of electric skateboard customers and personal testing has paid off in the form of our list of the best electric longboard skateboards that promise you the world AND deliver!

Our extensive research has helped us prepare a comparison table of the best electric skateboards in the market. You can run a quick look over the table before you dive into the product reviews of the amazing electric skateboards 2020 list.

Best Electric Skateboards 2020

Skateboard NameSkateboard BrandCustomer Rating Weight (in pounds)
Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard
(Editor's Pick)
BLITZART Huracane Electric LongboardBLITZART7.817.85
RazorX Cruiser Electric SkateboardRazor7.214.7
Inboard M1 Premium Electric Skateboard Inboard7.824.47
Atom 95X MountainBoard
Atom Longboards7.617.75

1. Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard – Most Powerful Electric Skateboard

Powerful Electric Skateboard Boosted Dual+ 2nd Generation Electric Skateboard

Have you been on the hunt for the most powerful electric skateboard? Worry not, we have the perfect skateboard for you. Presenting to you guys, the Boosted 2nd Generation Dual Skateboard. It is the brainchild of Boosted, one of the most well and widely known skateboard brands out there. Their popularity has been boosted (get it?!) by their line of amazing electric skateboards.

The Boosted Dual+ skateboard, is one of our top picks and is 33% more powerful than the Dual electric skateboard. Although more expensive than the original model, it is reflected in more features and a much better ride which makes it a blast to have. What makes the Boosted Board such a blast to have and ride, you ask? The Boosted Electric Skateboard can (and actually is by many people) be used as your main form of transportation to get around the city, campus or pretty much anywhere you like.

This 2nd generation board with a loaded deck that is artfully crafted with bamboo and fibreglass, offers a high torque drive train (excellent for carving out turns by giving you greater turning power).  The deck has the element of natural suspension and makes the board quite responsive over bumps in the road for example.

The new Boosted Electric Skateboard has additional features that include a replaceable battery, an extended range battery option and water resistant electronics. Your ride will not be interrupted by the puddles in town! The 2000 watts of power make help in making it the most powerful electric skateboard. It also has extra traction grip tape. This Boosted Board has an inbuilt powerful regenerative braking system which means that you can halt the ride confidently even if you are turning or going downhill. It makes stopping safer and recharges the battery in the meantime.

The great part is that this Boosted Electric Board is also excellent for beginners as it offers them the control which they lack before learning how to ride a skateboard. The wireless handheld control system allows you to adjust the speed and to apply the brakes easily with the thumbnail. Also, the design is modular in nature, which minimizes the need for frequent maintenance.

All in all, it is portable enough to let you carry it anywhere and powerful enough to help you get everywhere.

Don’t forget to get yourself a helmet and other necessary skateboard protective gear for protection before you speed away on this thing.
Most powerful electric skateboard

Regenerative braking system

Good skateboard for big guys (can support weight)

Flexible board and wide wheels that make it smooth

Need to recharge the battery frequently for large distances

2. Blitzart Huracane Electric Longboard – Best Budget Cheap Electric Skateboard

Best Budget Cheap Electric Skateboard Blitzart Huracane

Blizart, the manufacturing company of this electric longboard skateboard, is in the southern side of California and is inspired by their surfing and longboarding lifestyle. Blitzart aims to provide comfort to all level of riders and of all age groups through its unique design and built of skateboards and longboards. Its electric skateboard is definitely a winner as it is the fastest electric skateboard.

If you are looking for the best electric longboard that conforms to your budget constraints, the Blitzart Huracane Electric Skateboard is the one for you. Its price is perhaps, one of its most attractive features. The design of this electric skateboard makes it extremely fast and the acceleration will absolutely stun you. What is more amazing is the fact, that this electric skateboard delivers great speed even for big guys (weighing till 300 lbs and tall enough). Its speed is over 17 MPH and the range is up to 10 miles when it is charged. The lithium ion battery pack, of 4.4Ah, can be fully charged within two and a half hours.

It has specifications like 3.54PU wheels, a 36-volt battery, a three-hour battery charging time and the product itself weighs over 17 lbs.

Its other specifications include an ergonomic wireless remote control and a 350W brushless motor. The wireless remote control has the ability to change the levels of acceleration and deceleration of the Blitzart electric skateboard and has the capability to reverse. The brushless motor, as opposed to the belt driver motor, is definitely more productive and more reliable. Not only is it great in its functionality, but the motor is also aesthetically pleasing and gives the board a very sleek appearance that we absolutely adore!

We saved the best feature for the last; the strong, durable and classic looking deck. The deck is a hybrid of maple wood and bamboo; the 8 layer deck is made up of 6 ply maple wood which is laminated with bamboo on top and on the bottom. This contributes greatly to the flexibility and strength of this Blitzart electric skateboard.

This is not it, the deck is also outfitted with grip tape with a concaved design. This, effectively, helps the rider to have a better grip over the board by ensuring that the rider’s feet stay firmly on the board especially as he/she skates over puddles and hurdles in the road. All this makes Blitzart Huracane one of the best cheap electric skateboards out there.

Great price point

Fastest electric skateboard

Sturdy built (hybrid deck made of bamboo and maple wood)

Good grip for the rider

Can support big guys weighing up to 400 lbs

Heavy to carry

3. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard – Best Electric Skateboard for BeginnersBest Electric Skateboard for Beginners RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard Review

The RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard is the fruit of relentless efforts by Razor skateboards to dominate the market of two wheels transportation. Made to give you guys, the “electrifying kick” the Razor electric skateboard zooms through the roads with its lithium ion powered battery and a 125 watt geared motor.  Razor skateboards used an innovative approach while manufacturing this Razor electric skateboard to ensure the riders having the rides of their lives.

This uniquely crafted electric skateboard is perfect for beginners especially for children learning how to skateboard. In addition to its ease of use, it offers a fairly attractive price point. The children using this board absolutely love their easy to ride and stable electric skateboard The Razor electric skateboard is a mere fraction of the cost of other electric skateboards like the Boosted skateboard. So, if you are looking for a ride that gives you the “electrifying kick” without kicking your budget out of place, the Razor electric skateboard is yours to buy!

Moreover, the lithium-ion battery delivers the best ride for speeds up to 10 mph for up to 40 minutes of skateboard action. This makes the Razor electric skateboard a great choice for commuting purposes. The wireless, digital, hand-held remote control allows you to vary the speed of the skateboard according to your preference. You can find your perfect cruising velocity. Also, the wireless remote (2.4 GHz) is wrist strapped and helps you control your speed while carving out the turns. The features of this skateboard allow it to be one of the most stable rides especially as you ride and carve out some pretty tight turns.

We absolutely love the 29.7 inches (754mm) 5 ply maple wood deck of the Razor electric skateboard. Its deck is lightweight and very responsive which again, makes it the best electric skateboard for cruising and carving out tight turns. For enhanced stability, the board has reverse kingpin trucks, perforated grip tape and ground-gripping urethane wheels. All of these features of the Razor electric skateboard, together, help to keep you firmly in control of your board.

Last but not the least, the RazorX Cruiser electric skateboard offers the advantage of geared, a rear-wheel-drive motor that has no alignment issues whatsoever; chain or belt. This makes one of our favorite and best cheap electric skateboard, virtually maintenance free. You can cross the maintenance expenses off your list!

All in all, we are electrified by the RazorX skateboards’ capabilities of delivering such high skateboard action to beginners at such a low price!

Speeds up to 10 mph

Suitable for all ages above 9 years

Attractive price point

40 minutes of continuous use

Custom, reverse kingpins for increased stability

geared, rear-wheel-drive motor (no alignment, no chain or belt)

Not suitable for going up hill

4. ACTON BLINK Lite – Lightest Electric Skateboard

Lightest Electric Skateboard ACTON BLINK Lite Review

Are you in love with electric skateboards but find it really hard to haul those heavy boards around? The Acton Blink electric skateboard family have managed to get this issue just right. Acton skateboards are well known in the personal transportation market and have managed to become popular through their excellent product line. They aim to make personal transportation, “fun and intuitive”.

We present the fruit of one of their most innovative ventures, the Acton Blink Lite electric skateboard. It is the world’s lightest electric skateboard and super convenient for you to carry around in your bag or luggage just like a regular skateboard. It has a weight of mere 7.7 lbs. The Acton Blink electric skateboard is pretty light on your wallet too; it comes with an amazing price! It is ideal for students and young adults weighing up to 130 lbs and use it as their main transport to schools, colleges etc.

Other than being the lightest electric skateboard, the Acton Blink Lite offers some features that hit home and make it a must-have for the entire skateboarding community. We love how the Acton electric skateboard prioritizes safety and reliability through its features. The board is equipped with LED lights that make it safer for the riders to take out their boards in the dark, make them visible to the traffic and can see the obstacles on the road. The lithium-ion batteries will provide the running power of up to 5 miles on a single charge.

The neon design look coupled with the LED lights on the sides makes the board look pretty cool. The deck is constructed from Canadian maple wood with a length of 27.5 inches which is not as short as you think. In fact, it supports a very easy riding stance. It has 79 mm wheels, a 450 Watt hub motor, reverse control and a regenerative braking system. The hub motor is enclosed and as compared to the belt motor, does not require any frequent maintenance.

You know the best part? If you run out of battery, you can use it like a regular skateboard because there is no resistance. Riding it is in fact, pretty fun as can be seen through the happy reviews of Acton customers. The wireless remote control is pretty easy to use, you can roll the side button forward to go forward and vice versa. However, the Acton electric skateboard is not too fast. It is in fact, just the right speed skateboard for beginners and another reason why they say it is designed for smaller riders. Another cool feature is that it has Bluetooth remote control and you can connect it to applications in order to get information and change your speed mode.
Extremely lightweight

Portable (can fit in bags)

LED lights

Hub motor (durable)

Good electric skateboard for beginners

Not that fast

5. Inboard M1 Premium Electric Skateboard – Lightweight Electric SkateboardInboard M1 Premium Electric Skateboard Review

Inboard skateboards, entered the electric skateboards market with a bang as they introduced a skateboard with motor in its wheels. Inboard aims to offer you a very innovative ride with its in wheel motors, integrated LED lights and a battery that can be changed in seconds. It is no wonder that this Inboard electric skateboard has made it to our list of best electric skateboards 2020.

According to popular customer reviews, the Inboard electric skateboard being the Mode 1 type, can serve a different purpose as compared to the boosted electric skateboards. Boosted is your top pick if you need a transportation device that is fast and quick but is not very good for up-hill and styles requiring acceleration. The Mode 1 board, on the other hand, is like a hybrid electric skateboard that can also be used as a true longboard even if the power is out. The longboarding experience is enhanced by the smooth coasting carving that this board is capable of.

Let us break down the fantastic riding experience provided by the Inboard electric skateboard into its specifications. The board has been constructed by keeping the industry standards in mind to deliver durability. It also offers a 12 month warranty against all manufacturing defects, so do not worry about the durability you guys!

You can use your Mode 1 hybrid electric skateboard to cruise up to 22 MPH. It offers, roughly, a 7 mile range (plus or minus 2 miles depending on the riding style that you have). This means, longer rides for you guys! The Inboard M1 premium electric skateboard also covers the safety aspect fairly well. You can smoothly decelerate through its electronic regenerative braking system. The built in LED lights mean that you can ride safely especially at night.

The Inboard skateboards have also innovated for this electric skateboard in the sense that it offers four riding modes through its remote control. On a scale of zero to pro, beginners can choose their ideal mode too. The stiff deck increases stability even when you are going at high speeds. Hill climbing and off the line experience is also enhanced through its major torque upgrade. The torque has been increased up to 40% in advanced mode.

Industry best warranty

Longer rides

Safety and control ensured


Torque upgrade

Customers have not found it to be too durable

6. Atom 95X Mountain Board – Best Budget Electric Skateboard for Beginners

Best Atom 95X Mountain Board

More than a decade after the company was made, Atom Longboards is stronger than ever in the skateboard market with its high quality but low priced longboards. Atom longboards are made for all levels of riders and offer a versatile set of longboards.

But our attention has firmly been gripped by Atom electric longboard, the Atom 95X Mountain Board.

Build to offer recreation to adults and older teens, this Atom longboard has some of the most high-quality materials with amazing features. The wheels are made out of nylon plastic, diamond tread and core rubber, and are suitable for a variety of terrains like paved roads and rocky terrains. The plastic hubs, although not as durable as metal, are much lighter in weight. They are strong and sturdy and can support guys/girls through satisfactory durability.

Perhaps, the most stunning feature of the Atom 95X is its braking system. The brakes are very important as they are needed to slow you down on hills and make you halt confidently. Similar to the brake system of a bike, the board has a V brake system (with disk). This makes the maintenance and replacement of parts easy as they are widely available. The brake also has a strap attached to it which means you can pick it up without destroying the brakes and can be useful in carrying the board uphill using the handle. The brakes are helpful in controlling speed, especially while going down-hill. It is ideal as a mountain board for beginners.

Moreover, the maple laminated sturdy deck is 38.3 inches / 97.2cm in length and the deck Tip an angle is 20.0 degrees. The truck width is 15.5 / 39.4c. It also stuns with other features like the PHT graphic material, F1 bindings, and 46 grit aluminium oxide grip tape.

Fun board, best mountain board

Excellent skateboard for beginners

Innovative braking system

Grip tape can be a bit coarse

The Final Verdict

Choosing a winner from the best electric skateboards in the market, was definitely a daunting task. But hours of research, customer reviews and their experiences helped us pick the best electric skateboard there can be!

Without further ado, we declare Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard as our top electric skateboard. It is definitely the most powerful and perfect electric skateboard, one that is used by people all over the globe as their main transportation device. There aren’t any second thoughts on the sheer quality of this amazing electric skateboard. Its other stunning features like the natural suspension of the deck, modular design, water-resistant system, replaceable battery and the regenerative system have got us drooling.

We absolutely love how the Boosted electric skateboard is suitable for beginners and experts alike. Moreover, it is also the best ride for big guys as it can support a lot of weight as compared to the other electric skateboards.

If you are looking for the best choice of electric skateboard you can buy, we suggest you rush and get the Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard right now! You simply cannot go wrong!

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